Giving Voice

“Giving Voice” is a two year pilot project that brings high school students together with hospice clients on a path to discover how Alaska has influenced the choices, decisions and lives of hospice clients, and incorporates the student’s findings into the curricula at school or home (if home schooling). Students will record oral histories and produce a work that reflects their findings expressed in any number of ways that fulfill requirements of the curricula; works can be in any discipline such as language arts, history, geography, as part of a DDF presentation, a film or audio production, a work of art or perhaps a music score, play or any imagined interdisciplinary work. Students are encouraged to be as creative as their instructor’s and academic requirements allow.

Students will transcribe their recordings, archive and make them available to individuals, institutions and the community at large, as directed by the client.

Each semester, students and clients who have participated in the project will come together, discuss their findings and experience, and share any suggestions with project administrators that might improve the experience for future students and clients.

Students will take part in an event that showcases their works for the community; participating clients will be invited to attend as well.

Giving Voice will also facilitate hospice client’s ability to communicate with friends, family and loved ones via Skype or FaceTime, who would otherwise be unable to visit with the client due to distance, cost or other reasons.



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