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Yoga Teacher 1998
Teacher S Montana Public school 1976
Teacher in Philadelphia 1983
Teacher in New Hampshire 1980
Teacher in Alaska 2015
Special Education Program Director in Qatar 2007
Special Education Program Director 2018
Special Education Program Director 2012
Special Education Program Director 2008
Special Education Program Director 2007
Social Worker 2017
Sign Language Teacher Pennsylvania School for the Deaf 1979
Sign Language Teacher 1988
Sign Language Teacher 2015
Shipping to Singapore spend 40 days lay over 1998
Shipping to Mogadishu Somalia from Mombasa Kenya 1983
Shipping to Dundee Scotland 1980
Shipping to Caribbean 1982
Shipping Port Elizebeth S. Africa 1982
Shipping New Oleans to Grenada 1983
Shipping munititons North Carolina to Battle Ship New Jersey offf of Beruit 1984
Shipping Durban S. Africa 1983
Shipping construction equipment Port Austin Texas to Pacific side of Honduras 1984
Shipping Cargo Mombasa Kenya 1980
Shipping Cargo Gulf of Mexico to Walvis Bay Namibia 1980
Shipping Cargo from Cape Town to Durban 1981
Port Elizebeth to Mombasa 1981
Pizza Maker 1982
Oil Tanker Captain 1993
Newspaper Reporter 1978
Missionary in Liberia Africa 1960
Masters Special Education 1995
Homemaker 1997
Energy Sustainability 2000
Education Consultant 1974
Education Consultant 1976
Education Consultant 1976
Education Consultant 1977
Education Consultant 1973
Education Consultant 1973
Education Consultant 1978
Education Consultant 1980
Editor 1974
delivering oil 143 miles up the Orinoco river in a 700' tanker 2018
Dance Therapy 1974
Conservatory School of Dance 1974
Commune Farmer 1974
Childbirth Educator 1979
Assembly Line Worker 1944

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